API Groups

All API Commandes use 2 common parameters: "group" and "action". A group is a set of actions that work on the same objects (instance, task, queue...). Actions then have their own parameters which are described in the action API documentation. Below you can find all the available API command groups. Follow the links to view the actions available for each group.

  1. Instance launching and query
  2. Instances search
  3. Workflows management
  4. Workflows listing
  5. Tasks management
  6. Tasks listing
  7. Queues management
  8. Queues listing
  9. Retry schedules management
  10. Retry schedules management listing
  11. Scheduled workflows management
  12. Scheduled workflows listing
  13. Notifications mangement
  14. Notifications listing
  15. Notifications plugins management
  16. Notifications plugins listing
  17. Users management
  18. Users listing
  19. evQueue daemon control
  20. evQueue engine status
  21. evQueue daemon logs access
  22. Statistics query and reset