1. About this documentation
  2. Introduction to evQueue
  3. Installation instructions
  4. Configuration file
  5. Workflow format
  6. XPath in evQueue
  7. Workflow edition using the GUI
  8. Workflow examples
  9. Network API

About this documentation

Before you start with evQueue, it is recommended that you at least read the introduction to evQueue, to get familiar with the several concepts you will have to use.

The installation instructions and configuration file documentation will concern you if you are a system administrator and will have to install and configure evQueue.

To create your own workflows, you can either use the graphical user interface of the web board or write XML descriptions by hand. The workflow format and examples will show you how to create your own (complex) workflows. Writing workflows as XML description is more powerful than using the GUI and can help you understand how evQueue internally works. However, you might not need to know this if you plan to only use basic functionalities of evQueue.

Workflow examples can help you understand the workflow description format but also give you ideas of how evQueue can be used to handle your everyday problems.