1. About this documentation
  2. Administration documentation
  3. User documentation
  4. User stories
  5. Developper documentation
  6. CLI documentation
  7. Advanced

About this documentation

Before you start with evQueue, it is recommended that you at least read the introduction to evQueue, to get familiar with the several concepts you will have to use.

The installation instructions and configuration file documentation will concern you if you are a system administrator and will have to install and configure evQueue.

To create your own workflows, you can use the workflow UI documentation.

Administration documentation

This documentation covers evQueue installation and configuration.

  1. Build from source
  2. Install from package
  3. Configuration file
  4. Creating a high availability cluster
  5. Virtualizing your environment

User documentation

Creating and launching workflows

  1. Introduction to evQueue
  2. Creating a simple worfklow
  3. Creating a (less) simple worfklow
  4. Using task output
  5. Loops
  6. Conditions
  7. Queues
  8. Retry schedules

Scheduling a workflow (cron job)

  1. Creating a schedule
  2. High availability schedule

User stories

  1. Sending an email depending on preceding task status
  2. Backuping an SQL server

Developper documentation

  1. Interacting with evQueue
  2. PHP classes
  3. Javascript object
  4. Sample project
  5. Using evQueue logger
  6. Javascript Websockets object
  7. Using websockets

CLI documentation

  1. Launching instance
  2. Using the CLI


  1. XPath in evQueue